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Meeting variaExamples  

Checklist meetings

  • time of year and date (note the school holidays)
  • number of participants
  • number of rooms (single/twin/double/smoking or non smoking)
  • preferred meeting rooms (such as an auditorium or …)
  • room set up (see the styles)
  • food and beverages (lunch and/or dinner, including special dietary needs)
  • refreshments at the table
  • necessary equipment for presentations: katheder, flipchart, overhead and/or slide projector, pointer, white board, laser pointer, video recorder, sound system, microphones (possibly wireless), screen, beamer, video conference system, voice system, etc.
  • writing materials
  • morning and/or afternoon break
  • name cards
  • interpreter
  • recorder
  • guest speaker assistance
  • text for menu cards
  • text for a welcoming board
  • special needs for participants: rooms, diets, partner programs
  • transportation to and from
  • billing instructions
  • driving directions
  • general information about location
  • detailed time schedules
  • hospitality desk
  • business center
  • entertainment
  • cloak room
  • budgeting assistance
Meeting styles

Interactive meetings!

Audiovisual projection equipment

A new trend is the virtual animated hologram, an animated figure on a screen that can talk live with others on the stage. The hologram is a digital portrayal of a manager who sits behind a screen in front of a camera with sensors attached to his head. This way you can show a cartoon figure on a screen who talks to the audience. After the presentation the hologram can react to comments or questions from the audience. The virtual head is synchronized with the spoken words.

Voice systems

  • actively involve the audience
  • -
  • get opinions from participants
  • to start a discussion
  • exam knowledge (anonymous, tests, game)
  • evaluations at the end of the program
  • collect data for future analyses

Casual dress

Men wear a three piece suit that can have different colored shirts, a tie and the right shoes. Ladies wear a conservative skirt or business suit. Casual dress is worn at informal parties.

White tie

Men are expected to wear formal attire (tuxedo). Ladies wear an evening gown. White tie is the most formal evening dress.

Black tie

Men wear a two piece suit, no vest. Ladies wear a cocktail dress or an evening gown.

Smart casual

A style between casual and formal attire. No jeans allowed. A tie can be worn, a jacket is not needed. Smart casual is worn at informal gatherings.